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Welcome to our ABA Providers Membership Program, where excellence meets collaboration! As a member of our esteemed community, you gain access to a wealth of resources designed to elevate your practice and enrich your professional journey. From exclusive training seminars led by industry experts to networking opportunities with fellow ABA providers, our program fosters a supportive environment for growth and innovation.

ABA therapy involves breaking down behaviors into small, manageable steps. Therapists then use positive reinforcement to teach and reinforce desired behaviors while systematically fading out reinforcement for unwanted behaviors.

ABA therapy can address a wide range of behaviors, including communication, social skills, academic skills, daily living skills, and challenging behaviors such as aggression or self-injury.

While ABA is most commonly associated with autism treatment, it can be beneficial for individuals of all ages and with various developmental or behavioral challenges.

ABA is based on several key principles, including reinforcement, shaping, prompting, generalization, and behavior analysis.

ABA therapy is typically provided by trained behavior analysts or therapists who have expertise in implementing ABA techniques.

The duration of ABA therapy varies depending on individual needs and goals. Some individuals may receive therapy for a few months, while others may benefit from ongoing therapy for several years.

The Role of the Autism Society

The Autism Society plays a pivotal role in advocating for and supporting individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Through their tireless efforts, the society raises awareness, promotes acceptance, and ensures access to vital resources and services.

ABA Agencies

The Autism Society connects you to resources, updates, gatherings, and support within the Autism community